The Revolution that marked the last generation of enduro bikes also involves the new XTRAINER MY2020 that, after the success of the previous versions, returns in a completely magazine robe.
Starting from the 2-stroke range of RR my 2020, the technicians of the Tuscan house have focused their attention on the improvement of performance, without giving up the ease of use that has always distinguished the XTRAINER.

Thanks to its peculiar features, such as the excellent engine tractability and high driveability, the new XTRAINER perfectly responds to the needs of all those pilots who are looking for a bike, but above all easy and exploitable, which allows to easily tangling in all Situations.

For these reasons, the XTRAINER my 2020 represents an optimal solution also for all those who intend to approach the discipline of extreme enduro.

The ingredients of this perfect recipe can be so synthesized:

  • Supply: docile and linear, all to the benefit of the ease of driving;
  • Beta Progressive Valve: allows an excellent adaptation of engine performance throughout the arc, thanks to the easy adjustment of the exhaust valve from the outside;
  • Saddle Height: reduced to 910 mm, against 930 of the RR range, to convey greater safety in all situations;
  • Weight Weight: with only 98 kg it is extremely agile and intuitive, even for newbies;
  • Automatic Mixer: eliminate the need for oil-petrol premix;
  • Soft Tyres: to ensure a better grip on every type of terrain.


  • Introduced the balance: Reduces Vibrations, increasing inertia and improving the delivery curve. Thus increases the ease of driving of the bike in all stages of engine supply.
  • New engine tree: Magazine the overall inertia of the system following the introduction of the balance. Increase the lubrication of the bench area and improved the engine rolling thanks to the reduced lateral grazing friction.
  • Clutch Discs: redesigned for softer and controlled grafting.


  • Modified Swingarm: longer for greater stability and traction.
  • Fork: more controlled and more effective on violent impacts.
  • Damper: more efficient on strong impacts.
  • New Eye Chain: longer to adapt to the new swingarm.
  • Longest Gears: in combination with the new engine supply.
  • Device Switch Map.


  • New tank.
  • New Mask.
  • Front Fender with variable thickness geometry: to reduce weight, maximising stiffness.
  • New Handlebar Protection.
  • New Digital Tool and new tool support.

Availability: October.

The revolution that has characterized the latest generation of Enduro bikes now brings us the new Xtrainer MY 2020 which is back in a completely new guise, following on from the success of previous versions.
Building on the innovations introduced with the RR MY 2020 2-stroke range, the engineers at Beta have focused on improving performance, but without compromising the user-friendliness that has always been the Xtrainer hallmark.

The new Xtrainer’s outstanding qualities such as excellent engine response and top-notch rideability provide high performances being at same time easy to handle, ensuring riders can cope confidently with whatever the situation demands.

This is why the Xtrainer MY 2020 is also the best bike available for all those who want to enter the world of Extreme Enduro.

The ingredients of this perfect recipe can be summed up as follows:

  • Power delivery: pliable and linear, making it extremely rider-friendly
  • Beta Progressive Valve: allowing excellent engine performance throughout the rev range thanks to easy external adjustment
  • Seat height: lowered to 910 mm (compared to 930 mm in the RR range) for greater confidence under all ride conditions
  • Low weight: just 98 kg, ensuring an agile and intuitive ride, even for newcomers
  • Automatic oil injection: eliminating the need for a fuel-oil premix
  • Soft tires: ensuring better grip on any terrain


  • Countershaft introduced: reduces vibration, increases inertia and upgrades the power delivery curve. Augments the bike’s rideability through all the engine power bands.
  • New crankshaft: overall system inertia revised following the introduction of the countershaft. Increases lubrication in the crankcase and improves engine movement by reducing lateral slide friction.
  • Clutch plates: redesigned for smoother, more controlled gear shifts.


  • Modified swingarm: longer for better stability and traction.
  • Forks: more controlled and more effective against violent impact.
  • Shock absorber: more efficient against sharp impact.
  • New chain guide: longer to adapt to the new swingarm.
  • Longer gearing: to match the engine’s new power delivery.
  • Mapping selector.


  • New tank ducting.
  • New headlamp cowl.
  • Front fender with variable-thickness geometry: reduces weight and maximizes rigidity.
  • New handlebar protector.
  • New digital instruments and instrument panel.