MY24 - EVO Factory 300 2T

The EVO Factory models represent the racing EVOlution of Beta’s trial bikes and, as usual, are being launched on the market in February, just before the start of the racing season, ready to compete at the highest levels.

George Hemingway’s World Championship (TR3 125), alongside the excellent results of Matteo Grattarola (TRIALGP) and Andrea Sofia Rabino (GP WOMEN), and in addition to the respective victories in national championships, reaffirm the excellent driveability and performance provided by the Factory model.

For Model Year 2024, some updates have been made which increase the model’s refinement, while maintaining its racing pedigree.
The highlights of the new Factory MY 24 models, in terms of the ENGINE and FRAME AND SUSPENSION, are as follows:

The differences between the engines equipping Factory versions and standard versions are as follows:

• Magnesium crankcase with black finish: featuring a particularly eye-catching design, this component provides a weight reduction of 1,350 g, maximising the agility of the bike.
• Trimmed clutch discs: created specifically to maximise clutch precision and controllability in every possible situation and particularly to make the most extreme repetitive actions easier to manage even at high rpm, such as big obstacles and rear wheel hops. This ensures extreme precision every time.
• Black anodised engine oil plugs.
• Titanium exhaust: on the 250/300 models this provides a weight reduction of over 600 g, as well as ensuring greater performance at medium-high engine speeds thanks to its greater internal diameter.

The EVO Factory 125’s exhaust, once again made of titanium, stands out from that of the larger engine sizes due to its internal structure, with an initial conical section (cylinder side) providing an increase in torque and acceleration at low rpms.

Like on the EVO My24, the recently introduced new crankshaft and piston rod with reduced interaxle spacing (1.5 mm less, at 114.5 mm compared to 116 mm) is confirmed on all engine sizes of the two-stroke models, with the exception of the 125. Bore and stroke remain unchanged, while the pistons are new Meteor models.

As is well known, the EVO Factory models are equipped with higher performance engines than the EVO models, and this characteristic is confirmed once again for MY 24.

Thanks to the reduced crankcase weight, the titanium header and reduced alternating masses, the bike is more manageable, while the engines guarantee improved performance and driveability, reaching another level of power and responsiveness.

The handling is, as always, at the top of their class, and vibration is minimised.

The 4-stroke Factory variant also benefits from a series of upgrades relative to the standard EVO version. The electronic control unit receives a higher power rating, which translates to improved spark stability and improved combustion at all engine speeds. In order to provide an outlet for the greater available power, the EVO Factory 4-stroke is also equipped with a lighter weight and higher performance titanium silencer.

In terms of the frame and design, the new Evo Factory My 2024 differs from the standard version as follows:
• Gold Front Forks: the Evo Factory 24 is confirmed to have gold forks, which provide the model with both aesthetic and functional benefits. The colour is indeed the result of a TIN treatment, allowing for smoother sliding of the fork, whose hydraulic management remains entrusted to the recently introduced internal damping system. The continuous refinement of the settings ensures a suspension package which is at the top of the range in the trial bike sector, thanks in no small part to its combination with the mono-shock that has an optimised spring guide geometry (with red spring).
• Progressive linkage: the configuration of the rear suspension linkage is more progressive, in order to ensure greater traction and provide superior feel to the rider. This facilitates wheelies and helps overcome large obstacles.
• New steering yokes machined from billets with blue anodised finish: providing stiffness and lightness (weighing around 100 g less than std models), they also feature fore-aft adjustable handlebar brackets to let the rider find their ideal position. The new colour introduced for MY24 also lends the bike a zero-compromise appearance.
• Chain adjusters, handlebar end plugs and footpegs with black anodised finish: the footpegs are durable, lightweight components, with the non-slip steel pins ensuring maximum grip.
• Version-specific radiator hoses in red silicone: offering improved cooling performance, these components also give the bike a thoroughbred racing look.
• Galfer racing brake discs: these discs offer maximum braking power and are extremely light weight, which contributes to reducing unsprung mass and maximises the bike’s rideability.
• BrakTec brake and clutch master cylinders.
• Rear brake calliper with anti-vibration system for pads.
• New blue anodised Morad wheels.
• Michelin X-light tyres: leader in the sector in terms of weight, performance and grip in all
• New graphics: red and blue have always been the colours used for Beta’s race-ready models, and this new EVO Factory does not disappoint. The Beta red of the plastic parts and decals is perfect paired with the details and elegant new components in Ergal blue. The model’s look is further enhanced by the new matte-gloss graphics, with the matte red parts contrasting with the glossy blue and white.

The new Evo Factory 24 models are also equipped for the first time with the new Beta electronic key:
• Electronic key: the traditional “Kill-switch” has been replaced with Betamotor’s new patented electronic key. It is a magnetic lanyard-type kill switch, which provides both the function of theft protection and that of protecting the bike and driver, for which Betamotor holds an exclusive European patent (EP3064405B1). The key is a two-part component, like the device it replaces: one part remains fastened to the bike’s handlebars, while the other is magnetic (worn by the rider with a cord around their wrist), activating a mechanism in the event they are disconnected; however, it differs due to its univocal coding linking the two parts, providing anti-theft functionality.

Anti-theft function: the key prevents the engine from being started when it is disconnected, thanks to coding which links it to the bike’s ignition, discouraging theft of the bike when it is left unattended.

Passive bike and rider safety: operating in the same manner as a traditional “Kill-Switch”, the bike is shut off when the magnetic point of contact connected to the rider’s wrist and the bike’s handlebar is disconnected.
Greater protection for the bike and rider, in a single solution exclusively patented by Betamotor.


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