Brand-New RR 50 Enduro and Motard 2021
Racing Attitude Size 50

One of European’s best-sellers of the sector, with the widest range in terms of versions and colours, with which generations of riders have grown up, is back with a new model completely renewed in chassis, engine and design.
The new RR 50 2021 in the Enduro and Motard versions have now a new chassis, an entertaining Euro 5 engine, and design inspired by the bigger and world-emblazoned RR enduro (7 times world champion with Holcombe and 5 times with Freeman).
A mix of racing style and pure fun, ready to make the teen riders dream.

The 50cc sector is growing throughout Europe and is now back to riding the wave thanks to the new trends and also to the new commuting habits caused by the pandemic, where solo-riding is preferred to other kinds of shared transport also by the teenagers.
Often unfairly ignored, the 50cc market is a precious starting point for futures riders as well as a good training for the more conscious car drivers.
It is a matter of fact that riders have a more aware approach to driving cars, as well, having a quicker reaction span along with a better capability of behaving in traffic. This is because they have been used to riding a vehicle using their balance since a very young age.
This is why the offer of geared 50cc is anything but trivial and aimed towards a street-smart audience: teenagers who are now starting to fine-tune their taste for motorbikes characteristics and performances. The older generation of motorbikes that only young kids would use have been replaced by actual motorbikes, refined in featured and safety. Real motorbikes, even if at a restricted km/h speed.
Beta has always believed and invested in this segment, and this year it does it raising the ante. The 50cc Enduro and Motard range has been completely renewed and developed following the attitude that characterizes the rest of Beta range, aiming to transmit confidence and providing amusement in order to improve one’s riding ability to the their best.

− 2-stroke single-cylinder engine, 6 gears, liquid-cooled, equipped with oil mixer (except for the RR 50 Racing).
− New gearshift with new forged forks for a more precise clutching and an even more reactive and satisfying riding style.
− New gas vapours recovery system as per Euro 5 regulations.
− New filter box. Integral part of the vehicle design, it has been developed to reduce the noise following the current regulations. Even more practical with a quick-release system for an easier maintenance ̶ just as the racing motorbikes.
− New chassis with a revised geometry, for better handling and improved agility.
− New design: pure racing style inspired by the bigger RR 2T/4T.
Everything is brand-new: tank design, plastics (mask, conveyer, side panels) and saddle.
RR 50 ENDURO Inspired by its bigger sisters competing in the WEC World Championship for both technical and aesthetic features, the RR 50 Enduro is born to face all kinds of terrain, from free-time practice to daily commuting.
− Rear subframe in technical polymer which perfectly integrates the electric components, the filter box, and the steel brackets. An organic and modern design meant for grown-ups.
− Longer swingarm for an increased riding stability and a better traction.
− Shock absorbers reviewed in the stroke for the Enduro versions and in the bumping for the Motard versions: they improve the possibility of facing off-road tracks in one case, and to better absorb the urban roughness in the other.
− New exhaust: compact, racing, worthy of a real motorbike.
− New single-lock system. Just one key for steering lock/ignition, tank, and saddle. More convenience and safety.
− New rear LED taillight, for a better vehicle identification.
− Brakes: front Ø 260 mm, rear Ø 220 mm
− New 6,5L tank.
− New micro-casted footrests, for an unprecedented riding control.
− Stunning decal graphics: a unique style that does not go unnoticed.

Beta NZ would only bring the RR50 EN & RR50 SM versions.
These are both restricted to 50kph.

Estimated RRP RR50EN $5995
Estimated RRP RR50SM $5795