The 1st Round of the Enduro Master Beta saw the show open at Anghiari (AR), in conjunction with the Tuscan-Umbrian Regional Championship, with the organisation of the Moto Club Adventures.

A total of 426 riders took to the starting line from 8.30am on Sunday morning, in freezing temperatures, and battled it out in the 6km enduro test and the 4.5km cross test. By all accounts, the tests were worthy of a world championship. Among more than 400 participants, a hundred were those taking part in the Betamotor Challenge, Master Enduro Beta. To emerge above all was Lorenzo Cucini, Top Class category, riding a Beta 430 4T. The young star, in addition to impose its wheels plugged in the Challenge Master Beta, has clawed the 2nd position in the overall classification of the regional and gold class. The rest of the Top Class podium was made up of Roberto Bazzurri, vice-champion of last year’s Enduro Master 2021 season, and Mirko Vandelli, another faithful rider to the Beta Challenge. Right off the Top Class podium, there was an authoritative Fausto Scovolo, who never seems to lose his edge, followed by the motorcyclist Andrea Rocchi.

The 125 Class was won by Davide Mei, who beat Giacomo Grisenti by 1 minute, while Elia Pegoraro took the 3rd position. The podium of the Class 2 Tempi was composed instead of Federico Fanzio, Maicol Alt and Sandro Caramatti, separated by a handful of seconds.

Renzo Ravagli was the best in the Veteran Class, imposing his pace on as many authoritative riders such as: Massimiliano Bachetti and Andrea Bruzzo. The 4T Class was also well attended, with Lorenzo Gori winning the challenge ahead of Alexander Maltry and Alessio Caselli. The 3 protagonists of the Guest Class were Daniel Favaro, rider of the moto club la Marca Trevigiana, riding a Beta 250 2T ahead of Davide Vigliarolo and Jacopo Iannone.

Honours and merits go to Moto Club Adventures, which masterfully prepared the event, both from a logistical and technical point of view, while at the same time the Beta Motorcycles circus thrilled its trophy riders with a respectable welcome kit and a prestigious aperitif.

Press: Attila Pasi –
PH: Enzo Danesi

Master Enduro: April, 3rd in Casteraimondo (MC)