MY22 - EVO Factory 2T 300CC

Now that winter is over, we’re all eager to get back on the saddle and fire up the engine. Giving shape to this anticipation built up over the past few months, Beta presents the most high-performance version of the EVO family yet – the new Evo Factory My 2022.
Working in close collaboration with the Beta Factory Team and the riders Matteo Grattarola, Lorenzo Gandola, Sondre Haga and Aniol Gelabert, the R&D division has taken the performance of the Evo Factory to even greater heights, further honing a model that has evolved over time while remaining the benchmark in its class and the bike to beat in world championships.
The result is a machine whose spirit and style embody the essence of racing.

Evo 300 2T: The 300 2 Str is the range-topping model in the Evo family. A bike for lovers of big capacity engines with impressive torque at all engine speeds, and the perfect base for competing even at pro levels. The size of both the frame and the engine have been optimised to maximise the ability of the bike to overcome even the most challenging obstacles and the most technically difficult trials. The ideal solution for expert riders looking for bike with class-beating performance, but which is intuitive and easily manageable from the moment you get onto the saddle.

The highlights of the new model are as follows:
The differences between the engines equipping Factory versions and standard version are listed below:
• Magnesium crankcase with black finish: featuring a particularly eye-catching design, this component contributes significantly to reducing weight, maximising the agility of the bike.
• Titanium header: increases performance over the standard version while also reducing weight (conical cylinder connector flange on 125 cc model only).
• Trimmed clutch discs: created specifically to maximise clutch precision and controllability in every possible situation and make even the most advanced repetitive tricks easier to manage, such as the rear wheel hops typical of today’s riding style – ensuring extreme precision every time.
• Cylinder with optimised transfer port geometry: accentuates the racing soul of the engine to offer more full-bodied torque and improved responsiveness without compromising linear power delivery.
• Head with dedicated volume and squish band (300 cc only): to take performance even
further, the cylinder of the 300 version features a more advanced head. The red paint finish
underscores the “factory” look of the bike.
• Optimised engine control unit maps: ensuring outstanding low-end grunt without sacrificing power at mid to high engine speeds.
• Black anodised engine oil plugs.

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